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This is the event for a person who want to learn Japanese from scratch. If you think "I want to travel to Japan some day, I want to enjoy more of manga, anime and J drama in Japanese." just come join us.

Lesson たちつてと タチツテト
the lesson of today it is TA CHI TSU TE TO.
learn how to pronounce, write KANA and check the words.

instead of the alphabet, Japanese uses KANA. There are two kinds of KANA-
HIRAGANA is used for the traditional sound of Japanese. KATAKANA is used for words that were borrowed from other languages.
Both kana sets are what you use when you first learn Japanese.
Knowing these are really important to learn and speak Japanese.
Japanese is a phonetic language. if you study KANA it's much easier to speak Japanese.
Now let's begin practicing.

Japanese people, Please participate too !!
また、日本語学習のヘルプが出来る、 ご自身が英語を学習中、その他日米友達が欲しい等どんな理由でもかまいません。日本人の方の参加もお待ちしています。
please bring $3 to cover the cost of printing sheets.
bring a English-Japanese dictionary, if you have one. mobile app is also OK. writing implements required.

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