”Jinrikisha”(Japane­se rickshaw) experience & Historical dance parade in Asakusa

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Kaminarimon, Asakusa

Asakusa 1-3-1 · Tokyo

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Please meet event hosts who hold the logo picture of Japanize

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1. Reservation for "Jinrikisha"Please reserve on the below form if you want to try Jinrikisha.

2. Facebook event page (We invite also from meetup event.)


Hello everyone!

Japanize will organize the cultural experience event in Asakusa on November 3rd(Mon, national holiday).

We will try the below two Japanese cultural experience this time!

[ 1. Riding on ”Jinrikisha”(Japanese rickshaw) and exploring in Asakusa ]

* This is only for the people who want to try.
You do not have to try this, and can join only the part for viewing the parade.

Jinrikisha is famous activity for the sightseeing at some historical places in Japan like Asakusa, Kamakura and Kyoto.

It will be really nice experience to ride and experience the Japanese tradition in the historical town Asakusa.

Usually the fare of Jinrikisha is quite expensive because of the company services, but it is about half price this time with Japanize

because we are using our friend’s personal business service which is “Jinrikisha Onoya(人力車 小野屋)”.

We have same passion and would like to introduce Japanese cultural experience more to the world, so even though the service is of course sophisticated and you will have great time same as other Jinrikisha services, but we would like to offer this wonderful experience with more reasonable price for more people.

* Facebook page of “Jinrikisha Onoya(人力車 小野屋)”


[ 2. Viewing ”Shirasagi no mai” of the White Heron Dance parade with the traditional attire of the Heian period (the late 8th to the late 12th century) ]

This is a ceremonial parade that was restored in November, 1968 by the Asakusa Tourist Federation in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Tokyo as the nation's capital.

The origin of this ritual dance is found in a historic picture scroll owned by Sensoji Temple, called Keian Engi Emaki, which depicts the scene of ritual parade to pray for the peace after the move of the temple.

The parade is composed of three warriors, one pole carrier, one feeder, one parasol carrier, eight white herons, nineteen musicians, guardian children and others, dressed in the traditional attire of the Heian period (the late 8th to the late 12th century) and the costume that represents white herons. A slow, graceful movement of dancers beautifully reproduces the elegance of Heian manners and is worth seeing.

Let’s explore this historical town Asakusa and view this amazing parade to know more about Japanese historical activity!

Event details


November 3rd (Mon) * National holiday (Culture Day)


- 13:00: Meeting at Kaminarimon gate in the center of Asakusa

* Map: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/u/0/edit?mid=zUHXPXjCy6hk.kJ2Xw96S28HE

- 13:30-17:30: Jinrikisha ride & exploring Asakusa for the parade

* Only two people can ride Jinrikisha at once.

Each group of two people will have their own time to ride,

and we will be exploring the town until that time for Jinrikisha for each group.


- Jinrikisha ride : 2,000 yen for 30 minutes per person
* You can take a photo when you are riding on "Jinrikisha"!

- Viewing the parade & exploring Asakusa : Free

[How to reserve]

Please make the reservation for Jinrikisha ride if you would like to try on below form.

(If you will join only for the parade and exploring in Asakusa, you do not need to reserve.)


* 10 people are the limit of the attendees for Jinrikisha ride.

No limit for viewing the parade and exploring in Asakusa.