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Japanese Local Cuisine Making: “Futomaki”(Thick sushi roll) from Chiba/郷土料理太巻き作り

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Hello everyone,Japanize will organize the event to try Japanese Local Cuisine making at Japanese local cuisine restaurant in Chiba prefecture.

There are a lot of delicious and rare local foods around Japan.We will regularly organize various kinds of local food making event mainly in Tokyo.

[Event Overview]

We will learn how to make “Futomaki”(Thick sushi roll) which is local cuisine of Chiba prefecture.
And we will eat Futomaki and some other dishes too.

Let’s enjoy to learn how to make local Japanese cuisine “Futomaki” by the female owner who is also the chef for over 40 years.


- Date & Time: February 14th (Sat) 2:45PM - 5:00PM

- Meeting place: Just outside of East Exit of JR Chiba station

* Please come to the meeting place by 2:45PM.

- Fee: 2,500 Yen

- Contents
1. Learning how to make ”Futomaki”
2. Having "Futomaki", Minced fish(sardine) soup and etc

* We will make quite big "Futomaki", so you can also take away.

* Ingredients of "Futomaki"Vinegared riceSeaweedCucumberCheesefried eggs

[What to bring for the event]

1. Apron

2. Kitchen cloth;

[About the venue(restaurant): Chizue(千寿恵) ]

The venue is Japanese traditional food restaurant and beautiful place.

* Website:
(It's only in Japanese, but you can check some nice photos of food and inside the restaurant.)