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Ten Things To Do With GraalVM

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javaBin is happy to present Chris Seaton who will talk about the highly anticipated GraalVM. Pizza and drinks will be served at 17.00 and the talk will start at 17.30.

Oracle Labs is working on a new native compiler for the Java Virtual Machine called Graal. Graal is 'one compiler to rule them all', meaning we use it for both just-in-time compilation, and ahead-of-time compilation, for Java, JavaScript, Ruby, R, Python, C and other languages.

You may have heard the term 'Graal' but you are probably not aware of how many incredible things it can do.

It can run your Java application faster, compile Java to standalone native executables that start instantly, compile Java libraries to native libraries, run languages like JavaScript, Ruby, R, Python, including polyglot programs written in more than one of these languages, it can run native languages like C and C++ on the JVM, it gives you tools like debuggers that work across languages, and much more.

About Chris Seaton:
Chris Seaton is a Research Manager at the Virtual Machine Group in Oracle Labs, where he leads the work to implement Ruby using the next generation of Java Virtual Machine technology and other projects, and a Visitor at the University of Manchester.

Before this he completed a PhD at the University of Manchester under the
supervision of Doctor Mikel Luján, where he researched programming languages and irregular parallelism, and he earned an MEng at the University of Bristol on languages with mutable syntax and semantics.