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Object.prototype Is Not Verboten: A Redress For The Best Feature Of JavaScript

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Please join us for food, drinks (beer!) and another great meetup on Wednesday, August 15th at 6pm at the Evernote office. A description of the talk is below -- hope to see you there!

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In 2005 Erik Arvidsson coined the term Object.prototype is Verboten out of a growing frustration in the JavaScript community related to the modification of object prototype chains and the built-in data types. The idea spread like wildfire and any software framework that modified the prototype chain was either publicly humiliated until they changed (ahem prototype.js) or they were left for oblivion. That same year I decided to write a framework that did nothing but modify the built-in prototype chains. The result is a great general use utility framework for any application type written in JavaScript.

Brief introduction on the framework itself.

Chief complaints of Object.prototype extensions, and why they are misleading

They break for-in loops on object as hashes

Modifying them can break other applications

Incompatible implementations

Using .hasOwnProperty checks are slow and hinder performance

Namespace collision

Malevolent usage

Benefits of Their use:

Syntax Chaining

Structured meta programming

Intrinsic usage on any variable


Bug fixes

Meta DRY programming

What does ES5 mean for Objects & Verboten.js

Conclusion / the future of Verboten.js