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We shall gather to create a REST API using Node.JS, and secure it with OAuth 2.0. As we know, OAuth 2.0 prevents unwarranted requests. In today's exceptional session, we shall explore a couple of amazing tools for creating REST APIs without requiring a ton of boilerplate code. This is quite exciting.

We shall start off by creating a Node API Server instance and build an actual REST API with Node, Express, Sequelize and Epilogue. (Epilogue creates flexible REST endpoints and controllers from Sequelize models in the Express or Restify apps.) Next, we shall secure the Node + Express REST API with OAuth 2.0 by creating middleware to verify tokens in Express.js. We shall create a test client in Node.JS and verify. The audience is in for a treat. Generate confidence in using the technology and go home rejoicing!

Come, have fun, learn hands-on some latest technology, participate in Q&A and network -- all geared for your success.

Multiple similar sessions and technology guidance is designed throughout the most of 2020. Our sole intention is for everyone to land a better workplace, better pay and more job satisfaction through an exciting journey with us.

Make sure that you and your friends attend ALL the sessions planned through this meetup in the first quarter of 2020!

Workshop location:
12310 Pinecrest Road, Suite #306, Reston, VA 20191

If you live in Maryland or Washington DC, you can join this workshop remotely via Zoom. We give out Zoom info around 15 minutes before workshop starts by adding comment to this page.

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