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We love JavaScript and we thought it would be a great idea to put together a place where people can talk, meet and share their knowledge to bring their skills to the next level. Let's get better at doing this, together! All our HackJam events are free and formatted as hands-on workshops, so don't hesitate: grab your computer and join us!

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HackJam Workshop React Hooks

Groupon International Limited

Hi Dubliners! Back in the city and bringing you one of the latest hot topics in React: Hooks! Join us to learn the basics in 3 hours! Through a set of exercises, you will get to play with a few of them, and by the end of the session you should be confident enough to write your own hooks and use the existing own with the best practices! Knowledge of React is required, but just the minimum such as: state, props, and lifecycle hooks. Also you should know how to clone a git repository! This HackJam is hosted by Groupon. Groupon’s mission is to become the daily habit in local commerce and fulfill our purpose of building strong communities through thriving small businesses by connecting people to a vibrant, global marketplace for local services, experiences and goods. At Groupon in Dublin, they have 170 people broke up into a number of different teams including; Data Engineers, Software Engineers, HR, Talent Acquisition, Marketing & Sales.

HackJam Workshop Reactive Programming: Angular and RxJS

Hi everyone! It has been a while since our last time in Dublin, but we are back and full of energy and looking forward to an evening of coding together! We propose a new set of challenges. This time, we're going to dive into the FPR world with RxJS and Angular. Firstly, we're going to teach you the fundamentals of FPR regardless of the framework. Then, we'll have a few challenges for you to solve. The challenges will be progressive. Some challenges will be in JavaScript/TypeScript only and the others in Angular 7 or 8. By the end of the evening, you should be able to answer these questions: - What is Functional Reactive Programming? - What is an Observable? - What is an Observer? - How do you combine streams? - How to use them in an Angular application? HackJams are free and fun so join us. If you want to be a mentor during these sessions, please email us at [[masked]]([masked]). Requirements: - Bring your own computer with node (LTS minimum) and git installed - Have at least a beginner level in Angular (component, module, pipe, routing...) Hope to see you there!

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HackJam - Functional Programming with JavaScript

The Urban Garden - Dogpatch Labs

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