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Embrace THIS - Javascript Workshop

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Ilya D. and Karen G.
Embrace THIS - Javascript Workshop


`this` is one of the hardest topics for beginners in javascript.
Even seasoned developers occasionally get stuck in the mud
of `this` resolution mechanics.

There are tons of great books, articles and video lessons that
try to outline and explain how `this` works, but what if we could
get the best and distilled parts of all of those wonderful resources
and set a clear mental model on how to reason about `this`
and get it right 10/10 times no matter how nested and confusing is the code.

And all of this in a friendly live workshop session.

If that sounds interesting then you should definitely check this workshop
and hit that RSVP btn.

Even if you think you know `this`, try it, you might find out
some new things on the way, because we gonna go deep...


Karen Grigoryan

Self-taught frontend engineer with 6+ years of extensive hands-on experience in various small to massive high-load projects.


Embrace `this`

This workshop offers hands-on exercises on `this` mechanics resolution.
You will get a simple, battle tested mental framework on how
to stop worrying and finally embrace the power of `this` in JS.


- implicit binding
- explicit binding
- hard binding
- new binding
- lexical binding / arrow functions
- `this` resolution in Function and eval
- `this` and strict mode
- ReferenceType / indirection and what does it have to do with `this`
- gotchas

Will be fun. See y'all there.


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