GraphQL API by Lydia Hallie

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Lydia Hallie - 21 y/o software dev, she is a passionate GraphQL advocate and contributes a lot to its community, also know as TheAvocoder (


During this workshop, you’ll learn how to efficiently build and use a GraphQL API by building your own application. Get familiar with GraphQL SDL syntax and building your own schema, writing resolvers, and setting up tests. You’ll learn how to set up a GraphQL API endpoint, what separates GraphQL from other API runtimes, and the problems that GraphQL solves.


- 18:00 - Gathering up, networking with food and drinks
- 18:45 - Speaker introduction
- 19:00 - Workshop part 1
- 20:00 - Beer break
- 20:10 - Workshop part 2

And last but not please don't forget to bring your laptops if you want to do some hands-on excersies along with the speaker!