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Making The Web Juicier! Modern Websites Are Video Games ft Opher Vishnia

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Featuring Guest Speaker Opher Vishnia

Making the web juicier! In many ways modern web sites are similar to video games: They both offer rich interactive experiences and aim to drive more engagement from users.

They both also often encounter the same difficulties like performance issues, adjusting to different screen size and device fragmentation. So why aren't modern web sites more like modern video games?

In this talk I will show how to apply video game design principles when designing and building websites, in order to make them truly juicy.


Opher is a multidisciplinary creator, invested in many different and often unrelated fields at the same time: computer science, art, music, design, math, game development and more.

For the past three years Opher has been working at Interlude ( as lead creative developer, and the go-to authority on client side web technologies. His day-to-day involves working with both creative teams (design, art, film) as well as development teams to push the envelope of interactive video on the web


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@General Assembly - Santa Monica


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