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What we’re about

This group's purpose is to connect the amazing, courageous, independent (and super fun!) entrepreneur women of Jax for friendship, networking, adventure, intelligent conversations, growth, and so much more. Do you need to be an entrepreneur to join? Yes.

This is a group with a powerful intention. Life is better when we find our people, and this group is for exactly that. When you can talk about your entrepreneurial challenges the way only another female entrepreneur understands, you feel understood and safe. When you surround yourself with women who think like you, dare greatly like you, prioritize achievement, love, friendship, and success like you - you are part of a community like no other. When you live your life to the fullest with your best friends by your side celebrating your every win and cheering you on - nothing is sweeter.

The intention of this group is to create a loving space for women entrepreneurs to bond, connect, share, and eventually do business. While networking is always amazing, this is a group committed to connecting genuinely *first* and forming real relationships of substance above all else.

***You Should Join If...***

- You are a fearless, free-thinking and independent female entrepreneur between 35 and 50 who is looking for deep soul sisterhood connections in other incredible women just like you

- You are a loyal, kindhearted, open person who is ready to fully show up and be seen, appreciated, and valued - and who will offer the same to others in return

- You are a vibrant, spirit-rich person who never stops growing, and is always on the quest for improvement, adventure, and incredible growth

- You're fully comfortable being around others in person

- You understand the goals of this group are for connection first... and sales eventually, maybe

- You know for sure that life is a hell of a lot better with incredible, smart, brave women by your side who make your life richer every day

- You're ready for the best friendships of your life to finally arrive

***What We Do At Events...***

The events will vary in duration and style, but they will all contain a social element where you will have plenty of time to get to know other women and build meaningful relationships. Some events will involve high heels and wine (bad combo?), some will involve sand and sea shells, and while others still will involve relaxation and great conversation. By and large - these events are for you, me, and all of us. Let's build connections and memories together.