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“Last time was a blast, so let's do it again. I can offer to host monthly meetups in my house in Belmont on weekends.” Each musician attending, please suggest 3 tunes in advance. This way others will have a chance to look at your tunes in advance and prepare. We will first go through the tunes each one suggests in advance, then do others.... We will start at about 3:30 and end by 7PM. Also, each member who attends has to pay $12 per person per calendar year to cover the $144 per year cost to maintain the Jazz Jamming group on the Meetup website. Since the beginning of 2015, we collect the $12 online. This is a one-time payment per calendar year. Thanks very much.

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This is a periodic (hopefully weekly once in full swing) jazz jam. Tunes from traditional jazz canon and beyond. In a metro area so full of musicians, there are too few opportunities to jam regularly and informally. I also want people from this group to play gigs with each other, shed tunes together, and of course share with everyone what you've been working on. Although this group is geared at musicians, I hope to welcome all serious jazz fans out there who just like to listen and learn how these things work. Bring recordings, lead sheets (even your own!), stands/chairs, and equipment. Ed

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