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What we’re about

The purpose of this group is to give everyone an insight of what real estate investing looks like and where to get started with it. If you are new at this or are already seasoned in the business, we have a perfect fit for you. We have discovered through trial and error that this business is further more complex if you do it alone. Through our community doing it alone is history and all those expensive learning mistakes are not necessary anymore, of course unless you like loosing money and time.
We are so vested into the business and knowing that the proven system works, that we have actually set a brick and mortar foundation in Riverside CA. We don't skip town leaving you behind hanging onto a 1800 number or a password to some link where you have no connection to real people. Our 3,000 sq ft office is perfectly equipped with all the resources you need to get your business up and going off the ground.
So if you've been stuck not knowing where to start or afraid of doing alone then this just might be the perfect fit for you. We are constantly looking for like minded individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset and helping them close on their first or next deal. We believe that if we connect and help you through your first deals you can then expand while you learn and find your financial independence through real estate investing.
So if this seems to be somewhat a fit for you, take a couple of minutes and fill out our simple questionnaire. Tell us a little about you. This is required to access our meetup in person/zoom.
One of your biggest obstacles or objections is not having the funding in place to buy a house and then flip it, not realizing that the single most important factor in it all is having a power team.
Join our meeting and learn about our 5 currency dynamic, it'll blow you away. Our dynamic will open up so many doors that you probably never realized existed.
Tell you what. Click the link, fill out the questionnaire, join our meetup and then plan to engage in the business on a part-time basis, lean on others credibility until you can close your own deals. By natural process you will build your very own team and hopefully soon replace your primary income.
COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK INTO YOUR BROWSER. The rest is simply a process.