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Hi fellow students of life 👋

You’re cordially invited to join me for meaningful conversations on Jordan B. Peterson & his #1 Best Selling book 12 Rules for Life: an antidote to chaos.

Dr. Peterson offers practical yet profound wisdom such as personal responsibility & sorting oneself out as an individual, the importance of telling the truth & being able to articulate your ideas, the utility of gratitude & discipline, & so much more. He explores themes such as mythology & archetypes, courage & adventure, distilling the world’s wisdom, research & science, evolutionary psychology, etc.

Meet fellow truth-seekers, discuss ideas, have fun!

⭐️ Meetings will be announced here and on Facebook (in the Jordan B. Peterson -Orlando fb group).

⭐️ Not interested in reading the book? That’s cool..come & discuss anyway. These are life topics & reading the material isn’t required!

⭐️ Feel free to bring a friend!

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Jordan Peterson Meetup - Orlando

Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill

Hello! Smokey Bones has been suggested a few times as a good meetup location. Feel free to stop by anytime between 7-10p for casual conversation on a wide variety of topics! I hope to see some new faces! Always feel free to bring a friend!

Jordan Peterson Meetup - Orlando

First Watch - Mills Park

Casual brunch at First Watch on Mills! I hope to see some new faces 🙂

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Jordan Peterson Meetup - Orlando

Stardust Video & Coffee

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