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Modular JavaScript Patterns & Specifications by Alex Castrounis

Description: This talk will be a brief overview on writing modular JavaScript in general. In particular, the talk will examine the predominant modular JavaScript patterns and formats available to a JavaScript engineer. These include typical JavaScript module patterns (revealing module and prototype, etc.), CommonJS, AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition), and the upcoming ECMAScript Harmony (EC6) native module specification.

Javascript: A frontend for exotic languages by Justin McNally

Description: As stacks and developers begin to migrate further and further towards the realm of the polyglot, we often find ourselves experimenting with newer and more bleeding edge technologies. While they may offer boosts in performance, better DSLs or simply a fun challenge, we often find ourselves lacking the tooling to easily build good user interfaces. This talk will discuss how to use Javascript and client-side build tools to normalize the front-end pipeline, decouple your interface from your business logic and be a swiss-army developer who can work with any backend language.

Using Meteor to do more with Javascript by Dean Radcliffe

Description: I will demo how to code up a Meteor app in 30 lines or so of Javascript (actually I use Coffeescript), that features Mongo persistence, live updating, facebook authentication, and if time permits, easy bundling and deploying into mobile device simulators.

Using Twitter Typeahead in BWP by Josh Habdas

Description: Learn to create an auto-complete text input control using Twitter Typeahead and Bloodhound with Brunch with Panache.

Automating the Unit Test Process with Karma by Kevin Phillips

Description: This talk will cover the Karma test runner and how it can be used to automate the unit test process in Javascript. It will touch on the basic setup of Karma, integration with Grunt/Gulp, and useful features Karma brings to the unit testing process. This talk will be a good introduction to Karma for anyone interested in unit testing in Javascript and will hopefully provide some ideas for those that might already be using Karma.

Come Sails.js Away With v.10 by Brian Jemilo II

Description: Talking about the restful, real time Node.js framework called Sails.js. Discussing the v0.10.1 release and give a demo on Sails.js. It is easy to get your sails lifted into production, with Sails.js.

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6:30 - presentation begins

Space, food and refreshments will be provided by Enova International.