Learn Web Components and Build a CTA Tracker

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Join us for this full-day training and learn the essentials of web components! This workshop is perfect for those who have used web components before, or those who want to learn them from the ground up.

Web components are a set of browser APIs that provide building blocks for creating reusable components that can be used with any framework, or in plain HTML. You can use them to build dropdowns, tooltips, modals, or even bus trackers!

The training will cover custom elements, templates, Shadow DOM, and more through a series of exercises that lead to building a CTA Bus Tracker component! By the end of the training, you’ll have a customizable bus-tracker you can easily use on any site or share with anyone.

Leading the training is Matthew Phillips, open source developer, and web component enthusiast. He works as a consultant for Bitovi where he helped build CanJS 6 with custom element support.

Important Links:

- Web components overview: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Web_Components
- The course material: https://www.bitovi.com/academy/learn-web-components.html



The event is in downtown Chicago at Creative Classroom at BeOffice | URBAN WORKSPACES. See the map for directions.



Lunch will be included. We will place a Jimmy Johns order for everyone.



The price is $20. This is used to cover the cost of lunch and to ensure that people RSVPing actually show up. If you need financial assistance, please email us ( [masked] ).