• Leveraging the J in JAMstack


    Title: Leveraging the J in JAMstack By Reuben Lillie Synopsis: This talk introduces the JAMstack specifically for JavaScript developers. With live coding demonstrations featuring the Node.js-based static site generator Eleventy, I will make the case for leveraging JS to prerender as much content as possible at build time, then to supplement that content with client side JS at request time. About the speaker: I'm a self-taught, freelance web developer since 2014, focusing on vanilla JavaScript. I'm also an opera singer, pastor, professor, and author based in Chicago. I am also the organizer for the JAMstack Chicago MeetUp. ========== Bonus Talk! Title: Tear Down React's Ivory Tower By: Justin Meyer Time: 5 min Synopsis: Are you sick of React not playing ball with standards? I'll show off how to convert React components to native Web Components with https://github.com/bitovi/react-to-webcomponent.

  • Tuning HTML5 Canvas to build the world's fastest grid control

    ==== TALK 1 ==== Title: Tuning HTML5 Canvas to build the world's fastest grid control Synopsis: OK, so we don't know if it's the world's fastest, but we do know it's faster than anything we've ever come across! We'll discuss the ways we've optimized canvas rendering, including new features like OffscreenCanvas, to build a financial grid control that prioritizes render performance above all else. Speaker: Rick Lane - CEO of Trading Technologies ==== Bonus Talk ==== Title: Introduction to ES Classes Synopsis: 5-10 minutes on JavaScript Classes Speaker: Justin Meyer - CEO of Bitovi, part-time human.

  • The Angular Field Guide: Angular 7, TypeScript, and RxJS training

    BeOffice Urban Workspaces

    (NOTICE: This is a paid, cross-promotional event with Bitovi, one of JavaScript Chicago's sponsors). Join this three-day interactive workshop in downtown Chicago to learn Angular, TypeScript, and RxJS from ngConf speaker Jennifer Wadella! This workshop is perfect for those wanting to move from AngularJS to Angular, or those needing to learn Angular from the ground up. This workshop contains three à la carte sections: TypeScript, Angular, and RxJS. Link to Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-angular-field-guide-survival-training-on-angular-7-typescript-and-rxjs-tickets-63294924824?aff=meetup **Selecting to attend this Meetup event does not guarantee a spot - registration via the Eventbrite link is required ======== TRAINING CONTENT TypeScript: The TypeScript training (https://www.bitovi.com/academy/learn-typescript.html) will cover fundamental knowledge about the language and how to be productive as an Angular developer using it. Angular: The Angular training (https://www.bitovi.com/academy/learn-angular.html) will explain Angular fundamentals with hands-on learning exercises to ultimately build, unit test, and deploy a working Angular app in version 7 of Angular. This section of the training has attendees building a restaurant ordering app and covers topics like using the Angular CLI, building components, creating routing & navigation, creating services to make get requests, using reactive forms, writing unit tests, utilizing web sockets, and deploying a production build of the app. You can preview a working version of the app here: http://www.place-my-order.com/. RxJS: The RxJS training (https://www.bitovi.com/academy/learn-rxjs.html) will cover foundational reactive programming concepts and how to use RxJS subjects, observables, operators, and more. ======== TRAINING PREREQUISITES This is an interactive workshop. You will need to bring your wifi-enabled laptop, power cord, and anything else you need to be productive. To minimize setup time during training, please try to have these installed before the session: - NodeJS - Github CLI - Your commandline tool of choice - Your IDE of choice, or see our recommendations here for Angular developers. Spots are limited to 24 attendees, so please register if you are able to attend! If you are unable to attend and your workplace has an interest in bringing this training to your team please reach out to [masked] Need help getting your company to cover this training? Send them this cover letter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vShZmIRAQBRgI9dCiziJQCHFP0pBwKVKOimyRoyp-OqJnKvyMng9bFjwI5kgHUUFrHom-GwjISnOkLz/pub! If you are a student or don't have an employer to cover costs, please email us about scholarship options! ======= About the Instructors Jennifer Wadella has been writing code since before she realized it was a credible career path. She currently works as a JavaScript Consultant at Bitovi and loves building performant web applications, speaking at technical conferences, and brewing kombucha. Jennifer is an international and keynote speaker known for delivering fun and engaging talks with immediately executable strategies, and was most recently featured at NG-Conf for her talk on building cleaner forms with the Control Value Accessor. Justin Meyer is a contributor to CanJS (a web app framework), StealJS (a module loader) and DoneJS (a kitchen sink). He’s also the CEO of Bitovi (a web consultancy). As a writer of autobiographical blurbs, he knows to use his two children, love of history books, and hobbies like running to make him appear more human. But is he really ... ======= LOCATION BeOffice | URBAN WORKSPACES 444 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1200, Chicago, IL 60611 ======= Link to Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-angular-field-guide-survival-training-on-angular-7-typescript-and-rxjs-tickets-63294924824?aff=meetup

  • Learn Web Components and Build a CTA Tracker

    444 N Michigan Ave Suite 1200


    Join us for this full-day training and learn the essentials of web components! This workshop is perfect for those who have used web components before, or those who want to learn them from the ground up. Web components are a set of browser APIs that provide building blocks for creating reusable components that can be used with any framework, or in plain HTML. You can use them to build dropdowns, tooltips, modals, or even bus trackers! The training will cover custom elements, templates, Shadow DOM, and more through a series of exercises that lead to building a CTA Bus Tracker component! By the end of the training, you’ll have a customizable bus-tracker you can easily use on any site or share with anyone. Leading the training is Matthew Phillips, open source developer, and web component enthusiast. He works as a consultant for Bitovi where he helped build CanJS 6 with custom element support. Important Links: - Web components overview: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Web_Components - The course material: https://www.bitovi.com/academy/learn-web-components.html ============== LOCATION The event is in downtown Chicago at Creative Classroom at BeOffice | URBAN WORKSPACES. See the map for directions. ============== LUNCH Lunch will be included. We will place a Jimmy Johns order for everyone. ============= COST The price is $20. This is used to cover the cost of lunch and to ensure that people RSVPing actually show up. If you need financial assistance, please email us ( [masked] ).

  • Creating Custom Babel Plugins & Data pipelines for Charting

    Trading Technologies

    We will have two speakers: Talk 1: Creating Custom Babel Plugins Description Babel is a JavaScript compiler / transpiler. JS developers can use the Babel toolchain to customize and extend JavaScript's capabilities. In this talk, we will learn how to create and use custom Babel plugins in your applications. We will look at how to create custom Babel plugins that transform code, and custom Babel plugins that perform static analysis. Speaker 1: Kashyap Mukkamala Kashyap Mukkamala has been a JavaScript enthusiast since he first started working with it back in 2011. Apart from his fun side projects using IoT devices (Arduino, LeapMotion, and AR Drones) and mobile applications (PhoneGap, Ionic, and NativeScript), his corporate experience has been focused around building scalable web SPAs for Fortune 100 companies. Over the past few years, Kashyap has also been a JavaScript instructor and has trained a few hundred students. Kashyap is currently working as an Engineering Lead at OCC. ------------------------------------------- Talk 2: Data pipelines for Charting at TT Description Blake will present a high level overview of data delivery for Charts on the TT Platform followed by tips and design patterns for web worker messaging and asynchronous data delivery at scale. Speaker 2: Blake Harvey Blake is JavaScript engineer at Trading Technologies focused on building TT's charting and analytics tools. Prior to joining TT Blake held various software engineering positions at Chicago tech companies like Raise.com and Sittercity. And once upon a time, very, very long ago he started out his career as a graphic designer. ------------------------------------------- Please submit your talk for our future meetups: https://goo.gl/forms/SBA6VXtg6uIT6KoM2

  • Learn TypeScript, Chrome Extensions, Velocirender

    Trading Technologies

    Learn TypeScript by Justin Meyer Description: Come enjoy an introduction to TypeScript. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. We will cover: - How to get started in TypeScript - Basic types - Typing function parameters - Creating classes - Defining interfaces - Using generics You can try the demos and exercises in this course here: https://www.bitovi.com/academy/learn-typescript.html Speaker Bio: Justin Meyer is a contributor to CanJS (a web app framework), StealJS (a module loader) and DoneJS (a kitchen sink). He's also the CEO of Bitovi (a web consultancy). As a writer of autobiographical blurbs, he knows to use his two children, love of history books, and hobbies like running to make him appear more human. But is he really ... =========== Intro to Chrome Extension Scripts Chrome Extensions allow you to extend the browser in amazing ways. You can add new tabs or panels to Chrome's devtools, add items to the right-click menu, replace the New Tab or other built-in pages, and can even allow you to overwrite the content of an entire page. There are many different types of scripts that can be used when to accomplish these things - background scripts, content scripts, injected scripts, etc. Each script has different functionality and different ways of communicating to the other scripts. Kevin Phillips is a developer at Bitovi and has spent most of the last 9 months building devtools for the CanJS JavaScript framework. He will explain how he used the different scripts available in Chrome Extensions and how you can use them to build your own extension. ========== Velocirender Bitovi has a new tool that can improve load times for nearly any SPA -> velocirender. Matthew Phillips will demo it for 5 minutes. https://bitovi.github.io/velocirender/

  • Iterables and (async) generator functions: A practical walkthrough

    "In this talk, we'll start by getting acquainted with iterables—a simple, yet powerful tool in the JS toolbox—and build on this idea to explore some interesting things they allow us to do. With this simple concept, we'll progress through the following: * Hand-writing a function that returns an iterable object * Leaning on generator functions to simplify that process * Combining our knowledge to create classes we can loop through using for...of loops * Using the spread operator to borrow methods from native, built-in methods * Writing async generator functions to iterate through asynchronous data In short, we're gonna have fun exploring a lesser used (from my experience) feature of JavaScript!" Presented by Dan Cortes Please submit your talk here: https://goo.gl/forms/SBA6VXtg6uIT6KoM2

  • React for Complete Beginners and Serverless Applications

    Vivid Seats Corporate Headquarters

    We will have two speakers: Talk-1: React for Complete Beginners Description: An introduction, overview, and tutorial walkthrough of building a small app in React, along with the lines of this article: https://www.taniarascia.com/getting-started-with-react/ It would go over components, state, props, and some basic lifecycle events. It's meant to be an introduction for people who have only ever used vanilla JS or jQuery and need to see something small being built to get an idea of how React works." Speaker-1: Tania Rascia I'm a former chef who changed careers into web development in 2015. I've worked as a designer/developer, backend PHP developer, and currently as a front end developer working primarily with React. I also write guides and tutorials on web development on my own site and others such as DigitalOcean, Envato Tuts+, etc. --------------------------------------- Talk-2: Serverless Applications and Infrastructure in JavaScript by Dave Nugent Description: Curious about serverless / function-as-a-service [FAAS] / cloud functions technologies? Wondering what all the excitement is about? In this talk, we’ll discuss: - The current state of the FAAS ecosystem & major players - Ideal use cases for serverless solutions - Emerging best practices for serverless architectures - Resources to keep tabs on new developments We'll also walk through a simple example of creating and deploying a simple serverless application in JavaScript (with the option to code along if you like!) Speaker-2: Dave Nugent Dave runs the SF JavaScript Meetup and ForwardJS conference series. He's an advocate for JavaScript, Serverless and Open Source technologies at IBM. ------------------------------------------- Please submit your talk for our future meetups: https://goo.gl/forms/SBA6VXtg6uIT6KoM2

  • Generative Testing in Javascript

    Thought Works

    Description: Tools like Mocha and Jest help Javascript developers to write automated tests for their code and a traditional manner - you write some example code and assert some things about the results of that code. Generative testing, in contrast, allows programmers to work on a broader level by specifying properties that code should always satisfy. This talk will use real-world examples to demonstrate the use of generative testing (using testcheck-js) to test a balanced tree library in Javascript. Speaker Bio: David Altenburg is a Principal Software Engineer at Inventables, where he works on Easel, a browser-based application that helps individuals create and carve designs from wood, plastics, or soft metals.