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We will be trying a slightly different format for this event with one 30 minutes talk and 3-4 lightning talks (10 minutes talk, 2 minutes q&a). If your interested in applying please leave your details here

18:30 - meet, greet and eat pizza

19:00 - 2 talks of roughly 30 minutes each

20:00 - more beer at a local pub


1. From MVC to Flux by Guy Nesher - MVC is a well established design pattern that is currently being challenged by the Facebook Flux architecture. In this talk we will cover the core differences, the reason for the change and look at one implementation of Flux using the Redux library.

2. Lightning talks

React Tools and Libraries by Carl Crawford

A quick look at some of the more popular and useful libraries available to react developers.

Bringing Javascript to the Realm of IoT with Node-Red by Dalton Scott

Node-RED is a tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. We will explore the reasons behind its use, its architecture, and some of the key ‘nodes’ (see within it.

JavaScript compilation with Babel by Matt Zeunert

Most people use Babel to compile ES2015 or JSX code. But it's actually a multi-purpose JavaScript compilation tool. This talk will show how you can use Babel to create your own code transformation rules.

As always, if your interested in giving a talk please apply here (