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e2e testing with & memory leaks in RxJS

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Our next meetup will be hosted by Cegeka in Leuven

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18h00: arrival at Cegeka offices.
Cegeka will provide us with food and drinks.

19h00: Intro by JSBE

19h05 Cegeka

19h15: "Changing the Game with Cypress"
When we talk about UI tests, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Selenium. No wonder, it’s the most widely used testing framework for web applications. It was originally developed in 2004 and now, after 14 years, it still takes a dedicated team of QA engineers to implement it correctly. Tests are often flaky, painful to debug, and the overall developer experience is rather poor. But for many years there wasn’t another choice, until Cypress was born. Cypress tries to solve the biggest testing challenges, e.g. painless setup, easy to write tests, support for async testing, performance, and a good understanding of why tests fail. Cypress is made from scratch focusing on developer experience, debuggability and consistency. In this talk, we’ll look at how to get started with Cypress and dive into some basic tests. We’ll also see how to work with http requests and explore the debugging capabilities of Cypress.

Speaker: Dominic Elm

20h00: "Keep your memor(ies|y) safe!"
RxJS is the single greatest thing in Angular in my opinion. But using it properly is a whole other thing. The learning curve is steep and the paradigm shift is big. And even if you get all of that, we still have to be careful with memory leaks. We need to clean up our resources. In this talk we will define what a memory leak is, how we can find them and why they can occur in our RxJS powered applications. We will learn how and when we need to unsubscribe (is it needed in a service or for an http observable?) and learn some unsubscription strategies. We will do this by refactoring an application with some real life examples and remove all the different types of memory leaks! By the end you should be able to identify and tackle the same problems in your own apps!

Speaker: Kwinten Pisman

22h00: Doors close

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Thanks to Cegeka for hosting us & providing food & drinks!