Machine learning for web developers & Typescript all over the place
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Our next meetup will be hosted by Axi in Willebroek

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18h00: arrival at Axi offices.
Axi will provide us with food and drinks.

19h00: Intro by JSBE

19h05 Axi

19h15: "Machine learning for web developers"
Machine learning is the thing that puts the wow-factor into your application. And just like any other wow-factor, people get used to it and start to expect it. Machine learning is the domain of data scientists, but is getting more and more important for developers too. After all, you have to put this into your app. In this talk we'll go through the basics of machine learning and illustrate those concepts with just a bit of tensorflow.js. This is a talk by a developer for developers

Speaker: Lander Verhack

20h00: "Typescript all over the place"
In this talk I will explain to you how to use angular universal together with inversifyJS and an orm in typescript. Using one language will provide you with more flexibility on both the client and the server. We will dive into Questa an opensource question and answer platform build with these technologies to learn all these technologies and the advantages that it brings. What are the tricks and caveats when you are using typescript all over the place is something you will find out after this talk.

Speaker: Joris Hermans

Joris Hermans was responsible for in the past. He works now at Dematic building web application in the cloud for the industrie 4.0 movement. You will find also some video course of him about node.js published by Packt Publishing, check out his latest title, tips tricks and techniques with node.js development. Want to find out more about Typescript then his youtube channel is great resource to follow,

22h00: Doors close

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Thanks to Axi for hosting us & providing food & drinks!