Let's get back to Pure JavaScript

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Saturday, January 4, 2020
11:00 AM

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It's high time for JavaScript today, you can use it to build almost anything. But it's also a high time that people are forgetting about JavaScript and are getting stuck to frameworks.

There is no problem with getting stuck to a framework but the problem that is increasing is frameworks are now considered as a language and people are forgetting the essence of JavaScript and the related technical beauty it holds.

Hence we are taking a step towards taking you back to the world of JavaScript where we will talk about JavaScript only and build something out of JavaScript only

The event location will be Delhi NCR but we are looking out for sponsors for venue and snacks. Also, the date of the event is subjected to change based on the availability of the venue.

Talks and Codelabs can be of the following domains:

1. Advanced topics in JavaScript
2. Functional programming in JavaScript
3. Let's build something usable in 100 lines of JavaScript

If you want to present your talk, go ahead and add your details here: http://tiny.cc/mytalk

You can also join our telegram group here: t.me/jslovers_meetup