• Let's talk about Web performance

    EXL Services,

    Forms are open for registration: https://goo.gl/forms/XhWwQFYB8caO3bPa2 It will be closed on 7th Jan and invitation will be out on 10th Jan 1) Memoization in React and JavaScript Memoization prevents re-calculation heavy computations which improve performance. React recently released React.memo() and is soon releasing useMemo() which prevents unnecessary re-renders and re-calculations. In the talk, we'll experiment with these and also look at how to implement memoization in JavaScript. Speaker - Aditya - A full stack developer with experience in React and Node. I have done GSoC under Github on Probot. https://twitter.com/dev__adi 2) Using Service Workers to improve dynamic image delivery in the browser Speaker - Rahul Nanwani, the Co-founder at ImageKit.io. Rahul has worked in the past with PayPal and ixigo.com as a backend and a frontend/full-stack developer respectively. Currently, he mostly deals with technology-related stuff at ImageKit.io. Passionate about delivering high-performance user experience on websites. Twitter: Imagekit: @ImagekitIo Rahul: @rnanwani Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imagekit.io/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/imagekit/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/rahul-nanwani-65720537

  • Nodejs Day collab event


    Hey JSLovers, Welcome to the November Meetup. It is a collaborative event with https://www.meetup.com/nodeJS-Devs/ We are going to learn about Nodejs. This is free but invite-only Meetup. So, do register here: https://goo.gl/forms/ksfucqwlFbZFCDZ43 Agenda: 1) Debugging Apps in Nodejs - Gaurav - https://twitter.com/Root3d [30 mins] 2) "Event loop, streaming, and modules" - Chetan Sharma, Socialcops [30 Mins] 3) GraphQL with Node.js and MySQL - Ashok -https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashokdey/ins] [30 mins] Break for Networking Happy Learning!!

  • [Workshop] Getting started with P2P Chat and Games

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    Getting started with P2P Chat and Games In this workshop, we will look at how we can use p2p libraries to give our applications real-time chat and allow games to be multiplayer. We will be building a chat application and a multiplayer game both with JavaScript. One of the major benefits of p2p is it is really cost-effective since you don't have to pay for hosting. The libraries we are going to use is called IPFS and Webtorrent, which both have large communities and active development. The workshop will be from 11:00am to 4:00pm.

  • [Code-Lab | Paid | 8 Seats] Tensorflow for beginners in Machine Learning

    Hey, Curious to learn about Tensorflow? Then come an join Hiren at JSLovers for code-lab in tensorflow for beginners. Hiren Dave is a CTO, Product Manager, Entrepreneur and Tech Author / Blogger / Speaker with more than 10 years of experience. http://davehiren.blogpspot.in http://hirendave.tech Hiren is Author of book "Instant Sencha Touch" Creator of the course "Getting started with Laravel" Agenda: Core TensorFlow (Max 45 mins) Understands the core components of TensorFlow. Begin with Installation of TensorFlow. Work with : - Graphs - Sessions - Variables - Tensors - tf.train API ML with TensorFlow - Construct Models with TensorFlow (Max 1 hour) - Start by creating simple models with TensorFlow. - Understand the Neural Networks in TensorFlow. Apply Neural Network features to build complex models. - Hands on lab by creating a complex model with TensorFlow Exploring Capabilities of TensorFlow (Max 1 hour) Basic Concepts with Code lab - Use TensorFlow for Classification and Regression Tasks - Solving Unsupervised Learning Problems - Image Classification with TensorFlow - Deep Learning with TensorFlow Explore TensorFlow.js (Max 1 hour) Don't know about Python, never mind, lets to ML with JavaScript. Introducing TensorFlow.js , a JavaScript library for training and deploying Models. - Introducing TensorFlow.js - Develop ML with JavaScript - Train and Run TensorFlow Models with JavaScript We have limited seats of 8 only. It is a paid workshop - 1000rs . Paytm at[masked] Happy Learning!!

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages [AMP] , Building P2P in the browser

    Hey JSLovers, Time to learn from the industry developers. This time we are proud to have Tech-females from Delhi/NCR to share their knowledge on different topics with the community. It is a free Meetup but Invite based. We have limited seats so do register and wait for invites from [masked]. PS: Do encourage your female co-workers and tech-friends to join. Venue is at Huda City Center only. - AMP [Accelerated Mobile Pages ] Speaker : Soumya Mishra - Software Engineer - Koovs.com - Building P2P in the browser for zero cost. Speaker : Kevin Simper [ https://www.kevinsimper.dk/ ] - Accessibility for all. [OPTIONAL] Speaker : Neha Sharma [ https://twitter.com/hellonehha ] Registration form : https://goo.gl/forms/O98o0hl1G1CLZvGN2 You know any female who would love to share something about tech with community ? Do let us know would be happy to host her . FAQ? - How do I register? We will open the Google Form after 2 weeks. Please fill that to register. - How will I know I am invited? You will get the mail from [masked]. With subject "Invite..." - Is this is free? Yes, this Meetup is free? - Will you serve Breakfast? No, we won't be able to. We suggest please have breakfast before coming to Meetup - Will there be water, tea/coffee Yes, there will be water, Tea/Coffee, Snacks . But we encourage to bring your own bottles. - Will there be lunch? Yes, we ll serve veg food only. - Am I allow to bring my friends? No, unless and until they are invited by JSLovers team - Do I need to carry laptop? We ll update all things you need to carry in invite email. Questions? Let us know in comments.

  • [Paid] Intermediate to Advance Javascript

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    Hey JSLovers, This is a paid code-lab. Only 8 seats. The price is 500rs please paytm at[masked] and send the screenshot on same number. - this - closures - classes & inheritance - callbacks and promises - async and await What to Bring: - laptop - Any prefere IDE - Charger - laptop - Waterbottle - Notebook and pen Who Should Join? - Anyone who wants to learn JS Light breakfast and lunch will be provided by JSLovers. We ll do code-lab with theory. Do come with your questions and doubts. Ticket once sold is non refundable and non-transferable.

  • [Closed] Introduction to Redux [Code-Lab]

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    Hey JSLovers, This will be a dedicated code-lab for Redux. It is PAID code-lab Rs1000 paytm at[masked]. Seats are only 10. AGENDA: - What is redux - Why we need it? - Revisit state - Actions - Reducers - Store - Asynchronous actions - Let's connect React and Redux WHO SHOULD NOT JOIN? Who doesn't know react and javascript. WHAT TO BRING? - Laptop - Laptop charger - Notebook and pen - IDE Installed (preferably VS Code) - Water bottle JSLovers will provide light snacks and lunch. Ticket once sold is not Refundable and transferable. Questions? Suggestions? Post at comment section. Happy Learning!!

  • [CLOSED] React Basics to Advance Code-lab

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    This is PAID - 1000 Rs. Seats only 10 people This is a code-lab where we ll learn and implement the following concepts: - What is React - React Architecture - Components and Multiple components - Styling in React - Routing in React - HOC - context API - Forms in React JS - This time we ll host the app on Azure. Who should NOT attend? - anyone who is new on reactjs - anyone who is new to Javascript What should you carry: - laptop + charger - Water bottle - Github account - Azure account Please do the payment by paytm on[masked] Ticket once sold is not refundable not transferable. Any queries? let us know at comment section.

  • [Code-lab] Angular code-lab

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    Hey JSLovers, This is a FREE but invite only event. Also we have just 30 seats for this event. Organisers will shortlist the 30 people. Agenda: - What is angular and what is in V6 - How angular works? - creating your first component - why create modules - Handling events - Services - Inputs and outputs - Intro to RXJS. We ll make an app and deploy it too. Pre-requists: - Knowledge of HTML/CSS - Knowledge of Javascript - Laptop - IDE - Charger - Water bottle [We are trying to make minimum use of plastic glasses. Please bring your own water bottle to re-fill] We have just 30 seats . Register here - https://goo.gl/forms/BG3onMh3000LcMsi2 only shortlisted people will get the invite Questions? Drop in comment section

  • Nodejs Sunday with Nodejs-dev meetup

    The Circle

    Hey JSLovers, Spend a day to learn and interact with developers in Delhi/NCR. We are not just going to talk about Javascript but also Nodejs. #1 - Welcome and Introduction of communities Community is all about coming together to share and learn from each-other. This meetup is the collab with the Nodejs-Dev meetup https://www.meetup.com/nodeJS-Devs/ . Core team will be joining us to share about them. Do join their group too. #2 - [Talk] Event Loop in Nodejs "Being based on single-threaded language Javascript, nodejs still can handle 10000 concurrent requests. That's because of event-loop. I will share insights on how event loop handles your requests asynchronously using Event stack and Queue." - Mukul Jain [ https://twitter.com/mukul1904 ] #3 - [TALK] AST - Abstract Syntax Tree "Abstract Syntax Tree is a fundamental concept which has now become the basis of most of the tools we use as JS developers. Understanding ASTs brings a whole new dimension to how we use and create JS tools. This talk will be an introduction to ASTs. What they are; How they work and how to use them in JS!" - Rahul Gandhi [https://twitter.com/_rahulg ] #4 - [Show and Tell] - ML in Web - Yomesh #5 - Networking!! Who can join? This is a free event but invite only. Forms ll be open for registration. Any developer who is curious to learn and meet fellow developers (JS) in Delhi/NCR they can join . Registration form : https://goo.gl/forms/9mrf5FBuYXrsHiq23 Happy learning!!