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Meteor - New HTML5 App Lean Startup Tool


In this class, you will learn:

- Introduction to Meteor - when, how and why you should use it.
- Rapid prototyping with a reactive framework.
- We will create a full-featured app in a minute using Meteor in live demo.

Meteor is a next generation dynamic JavaScript framework, a full stack framework running on the server and client. It has a Mongo style datastore on the client, giving it incredible performance and reactivity.

The class will be a bare bones introduction to this new technology. We’ll start with some prototyping basics, show you how Meteor works, and cover when and where to use it. Finally, we’ll craft a completely new application in front of your eyes. You’ll leave the class being able to do the same.

In this session, we will cover:

Rapid Prototyping: Best practices for fast prototyping
Turning an idea into an MVP
Build - Measure - Learn feedback loop.
Initial prototyping using wireframe and mockup.
Why Meteor?
What is Meteor and why Meteor is a great tool for start-ups
Reactive Vision
What is reactivity in a web app?
Understand how reactivity works in Meteor
Live Demo
We’re going to develop a new app live

Audience Pre-reqs:

Basic web programming skills (HTML/CSS/JS)
Preferably understand Coffeescript syntax
Desire to learn about new technology
Passionate about start-ups

About Your Instructors

Nick Lane-Smith is an entrepreneur and technologist; he seeks to effect positive cultural change through technology. Life affirming moments over the past few years would include: running promotions for Lady Gaga’s 40 Millions FB fans, founding and scaling his music startup damntheradio, building a creative community in the mission district of San Francisco, and working at Apple on the guts of OS X and iPhone.

Hoang Do is the founder of Hitch Lab, a dev shop for web and html5 mobile application. We focus on helping non-technical founders ( business people or graphic designers) to build the 1st prototype of their world-changing ideas. Hoang believes that data-driven design and fast iteration will help startups to fail less and meet market’s need better.

Chris Mather is the founder of EventedMind. Chris fell in love with programming as a teenager and started building web applications in the ‘90s. He loves technology and teaching and started EventedMind to teach software development techniques and technologies to beginners and professionals. He contributes to Meteor core and has written several Meteor packages, including the mini-pages routing package.