SFJS #19: HTML5 and Google Dart with Steve Souders and Gilad Bracha


Folks, this meetup is going to be massive. It's the public launch of Krux Labs. Food and beverages sponsored by Krux Digital (http://www.kruxdigital.com).

High Performance HTML5 by Steve Souders

For years we built web apps that far outpaced the capabilities of the browsers they ran in. Just as the browsers were catching up HTML5 came on the scene - video and audio, canvas, SVG, app cache, localStorage, @font-face, and more. Now the browsers are racing to stay ahead of the wave that's building as developers adopt these new capabilities. Is your HTML5 app going to ride the wave or be dashed on the rocks leaving users stranded? Learn which HTML5 features to seek out and avoid when it comes to building fast HTML5 web apps.

An Introduction to Google Dart by Gilad Bracha

Google Dart is a new web programming language developed by Google to compete with JavaScript and push forward the web as an application platform. We've had lots of questions about Dart, and now Gilad Bracha has volunteered to stop by and give us an overview and answer some of these questions.