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JTBD in Your Daily Work

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Casper K. and 2 others
JTBD in Your Daily Work


#JTBD·CPH — Meetup #5


🔀 17.20 - Welcome + Recap from last meetup + Today’s program

⚡ 17.30 - Guest speaker: Martin Boysen, Insight Partners

Insight Partners is the first JTBD-based company in Denmark. Martin Boysen, at Insight Partners, is a student of Clayton Christensen, and will share some stories and examples of working with JTBD at places like digital development, fitness centers and construction.

🍤 18.00 - Snack break

🔬 18.30 - Main Session: Q&A panel

Martin and Casper will lead a group discussion, around three central topics:

* Core principles of JTBD:
- What is the core of JTBD?

* JTBD tools in action:
- When should you use which JTBD-tool?
- When to use other tools and practices, and how to combine them
- How to get started and how to go to the next level of JTBD

* What struggles are your team facing?
- The barriers to making a sale/internal project with JTBD
- How might these tools and methods be useful to you?

To make the most of your time, we hope you will participate with questions and frustrations in how you drive projects and growth today. The meetup is open for your participation.

Martin and Casper will guide the discussions, and try to make it relevant for everyone, based on these three overarching themes: Core of JTBD, Tools and Techniques, and JTBD in YOUR daily work.

💡 19.30 - Wrap-up, drinks and mingling

See you next time!



- The Core Tenets of JTBD Theory, Tony Ulwick

- JTBD: Approaches & People, Andrea Hill

- Intro to Job Stories (recap from Meetup #4), Casper Klenz-Kitenge
Kigkurren 10 · Copenhagen, al
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