Shenandoah GC Part II

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Am Dienstag, den 24. September 2019 lädt die Java Usergroup Berlin-Brandenburg und INNOQ zum zweiten Teil des Vortrags Shenandoah GC mit Aleksey Shipilëv ein. Der erste Teil des Vortrags wurde am 17. September 2019 gehalten.

**Shenandoah GC**

The major problem for large Java applications is G…​ (wait for it…​) C pauses. Large heaps storing lots of live data, the failure to adhere to generational hypothesis, fragmentation due to old objects coming and going, exacerbate the issues even more. OpenJDK GCs managed to solve the first large part of the puzzle, concurrent marking — the ability to estimate the object reachability graph without stopping the application for a long time. Shenandoah is the new low-pause collector that tries to solve the second large part of the puzzle — the ability to move the objects without stopping the application, cutting the GC pauses even more. This talk is the basic introduction in Shenandoah’s design choices, important internal details, performance benefits and trade-offs.

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