Kubernetes-Native Java with Quarkus

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Liebe JUGler,
am Donnerstag, den 7. November 2019 lädt die Java Usergroup Berlin-Brandenburg zum Vortrag Kubernetes-Native Java with Quarkus mit Alex Soto ein.

Kubernetes-Native Java with Quarkus (Alex Soto): Kubernetes is becoming the de-facto platform to deploy our application nowadays. But this movement also implies some changes in the way we code our applications. Before this change, we just developed a monolith application where everything was up and running up front, now we are breaking down this monolith into (micro)services architecture and everything is interconnected with the network. Although it might seem easy, done properly is not an easy as there are some challenges to address that was not in a monolith architecture.

In this session, we’re going to start discussing what are these challenges (ie fault tolerance, service discovery, open tracing, or health checks) and demonstrate how they can be solved using Eclipse MicroProfile specification.

Come to this session to learn how to develop a successful Kubernetes-Native application using Quarkus, a Java ecosystem way to develop cloud-first, container-native, serverless focused and Kubernetes optimized.

Mehr im Blog unter http://www.jug-berlin-brandenburg.de/blog/2019/kubernetes-native-java-with-quarkus.html