Talklets: OSGi Alliance meets Java User Group Thüringen!

Java User Group Thüringen
Java User Group Thüringen
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We are honoured to announce that the OSGi Alliance will visit Jena this September. To celebrate their expert group meetings they offered us an insight into the current state of OSGi by giving several talks. Please welcome Tim Ward, Tim Verbelen and our local OSGi Member Jürgen Albert, who initiated this great event!


18:00 Open
18:15 Welcome from Intershop by Johannes Metzner and JUG Thüringen by Benjamin Nothdurft
18:30 OSGi enRoute Quickstart - A Beginners Guide to OSGi by Tim Ward
19:00 - Kickstart your professional OSGi Development by Jürgen Albert
19:30 Intelligent robots - Resolving the promise by Tim Verbelen
20:00 Break with finger food
20:30 Open Mic / Panel Discussion (WIP)
21:30 End with pub visit (Wagnergasse)

Talklet: OSGi enRoute Quickstart - A Beginners Guide to OSGi

Developing OSGi applications is considered by many to be a black art and hard to use, but the secret is that OSGi is easy! The OSGi enRoute project was created by the OSGi Alliance as a tool for non OSGi developers who want to get started with OSGi. It therefore provides templates, examples, and a development model that will be familiar to almost every Java developer. With the release of OSGi R7 now complete this has enabled a rich, flexible selection of APIs and implementations just waiting for you to pick them up and get going.

This talk will explore the three main pieces of the OSGi enRoute project, and how they work together to provide a simple, effective development experience. I will also demonstrate using the OSGi enRoute project to develop a simple microservice application.

Speaker: Tim Ward, OSGi Alliance IoT Expert Group Co-chair, Paremus CTO.

Talklet: - Kickstart your professional OSGi Development provides a wide range of bundles that bring EMF and OSGi together. It provides support to you in a number of ways including templates, tooling and Open Source implementations for various OSGi Specifications. All this can be incorporated in to any OSGi R7 Application.

In this talk you will learn what is. We will show, how easy you can setup your IDE project in a professional manner. You will be able to experience first hand what OSGi R7 brings to the table in a more than “tutorial” scenario.

Speaker: Jürgen Albert, OSGi Alliance Expert Group Member, Data In Motion CEO and Founder.

Talklet: Intelligent robots - Resolving the promise

Recent OSGi specifications such as Promises and PushStreams provide great tools for asynchronous programming in Java.
This is particulary useful for programming robots, where issuing a command is inherently aync from observing the effect.
In this talk I will present an asynchronous OSGi service for controlling robots and streaming from sensors in our robotics A.I. lab.

Speaker: Tim Verbelen

Tim Verbelen received his M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Ghent University, Belgium in June 2009. In July 2013, he received his Ph.D. degree with his dissertation "Adaptive Offloading and Configuration of Resource Intensive Mobile Applications". In October 2014, he joined iMinds IoT lab working on distributed intelligence for supporting the next generation IoT applications. As of October 2016, he works as senior researcher at imec on deep learning in distributed and resource-constrained environments.
Since 2013, Tim is a committer of the Eclipse Foundation, contributing to the Concierge project, a lightweight OSGi core implementation. As of October 2014, he is also active as Invited Researcher of the OSGi Alliance.