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Brew Great Tasting Inexpensive Kombucha. Take home a gallon!! To your Health!
Its simple, fun and easy to Brew Great Tasting, Inexpensive Kombucha ! YOU will take home a gallon of brewing Kombucha ready in 5 to 8 days. You will have the knowledge, skills, tools, and ability to brew Kombucha anytime you want. You will leave with the all important "mother" or the SCOBY. You will have a written record of how to Brew Great Tasting, Inexpensive Kombucha in case you forget what we did. Also Included in the class are tips and tricks I've learned/developed over the years I've been brewing. If you are unkind to your SCOBY, and God forbid, you kill it, (stuff happens) Just contact us and come get your new SCOBY. Email support is available after the class to help you with brewing the Best Kombucha!! I started drinking Kombucha daily in early 2007. It was costing me a small fortune. I got to be an real fan when I learned home brewing in late 2008.You will become a fan too. I've taught 100's of people how to brew it. After meeting with us you'll leave with your first batch of home brewing Kombucha. In about 2 hours You will be taking home a brew starter, so please bring a glass jar-- 1 gallon wide mouth; a pickle or olive jar works great. -- Cost about $8-10, Walmart has a empty square glass jar with a very wide semi screw on lid for about t$6, Container store's gallon jar is about $15+. The importance is Glass- Gallon-- wide mouth. PAY ( ( Need help TEXT me ... [masked]

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Beautification of OUR world from the inside out.


Helping you gain Optimal Wellbeing through eating and juice living foods. Providing you with education, recipes, menus, and practical experiential applications.

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Our sessions are geared to 'hands on' prep of / how to prepare different living foods such as Kombucha, sauerkraut, kefir, non-dairy cheeses and more. We will also discuss and explore food quality issues: organic, local, enzyme rich foods, non-gmo vs gmo, raw vs living foods, digestive and colon health and what you decide is important to you. ( hint, hint: Let me know what you're interest are and we will cover those subjects too.)

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