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Fat Cat: Pool, Ping-pong, and Jazz
This one's a no-brainer, folks. With a group as large as this one, there are bound to be a ton of different things people would like to be out doing. Fat Cat manages to combine a larger number of those activities in one venue than most. There's something for just about everyone here. From nearly any table-top activity you can think of (the family friendly ones, of course- get your mind out of the gutter) to listening to good live music while relaxing on comfortable couches and chairs, there are plenty of ways to choose to enjoy your evening- and even some good conversation thrown in for spice. Fat Cat has been one of my favorite places to go and hangout for a while now because of how versatile it is, and I, of course, would love to share that with you. In case you prefer your game playing to be the seated variety, keep in mind that the table top activities Fat Cat offers also include board games- chess, checkers,scrabble, and maybe a few others. Anyway, the artists performing will be Noller/Sylla at 7pm and The Sylvia Cuenca Band at 10:00pm. So whether you come for the music, the games, or the company (or possibly all three) there's something for anyone to enjoy here. Look forward to seeing you there. Just a little more info: $3 cover per person after 6:00 Gaming fees of $7/per player/hour: fri.& sat. Individual drinks, which range from $3 to $9 each NOTE: Please bring cash with you if you plan to play ping pong, pool, or shuffle board- and quarters if foosball is more your game of choice. Also, because we usually stick around for a few hours, there will be people who leave before everyone else. This is fine, but please be considerate, and if you've played pool or ping-pong and leave a little early, make sure to leave a little money to cover your share of playing time. Thanks! Also, for those folks who will either want or need to come later than the meeting time, don't sweat it. This defintely isn't one of those rigid schedule type events.

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The mission of this group is exactly what the name implies, we want to provide good company and a positive atmosphere to experience those things that, for whatever reason, you either weren't able to do before or don't get to do often enough. To work toward that, we try to offer a wide variety of things for you to do with us. We try to cater to the interests of as many people as possible. But we are few and you are many, and this means to do what we want as well as possible, we need your help. Feel free to email me with any suggestions you might have. We won't do everything, but I can promise that we'll give everything fair consideration. This group is special because of its members, and I look forward to meeting and building new experiences with as many of you as possible. Hope to see you soon!

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