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Karaoke Fundraiser for Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines

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We haven't scheduled a karaoke event for quite a bit so I figured to put one together and raise some money for the Philippine typhoon victims. Filipinos love to sing so let's show our support with our voices and with our wallets! I'll be collecting cash at the event to be donated to one of the charities assisting in relief efforts (I'm researching the best organization but most likely the Philippine Red Cross, UNICEF, World Vision, or the Salvation Army). There's no minimum to donate but I do ask people to give what they can to help out. Thanks in advance for your generosity in helping out the motherland. Salamat!

For any potential first-timer karaokers, note that most of us aren't very good singers. Just come out and shout out those songs you love to sing in your car or shower.

We're all there to support each other and have a fun time. Come and hang out on hump day with us. For you non-singers, I'll lead the way with the usual twerking accompaniment. At the very least, you'll get a good laugh :D


SUN - WED 1pm - 9pm
-$4 Any type of Bottled Beer
-$7 White & Red Wine
-$5 All types of Bombs
-$7 House Cocktail

Come sing or show a little love for your buddies.