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What we’re about

Welcome to the Sapo Society…our core mission is to promote, facilitate and support healing through the transformational power of the Spirit of Sapo! The Sapo Society travels all over the world spreading love and healing via curated journeys incorporating two sacred rituals, a Kambo and Bufo ceremony.
Kambo, AKA Sapo or the Phyllomedusa bicolor (the giant monkey frog) is native to South America and primarily found in the Amazonian rainforests of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, French Guiana, Suriname and Venezuela near rivers and streams in the region. This amazing creature has been providing healing to indigenous peoples of the Amazon for decades due to its secretion that produces miraculous medicinal elements. Kambo is also known to for its purgative properties, assisting the energetic, emotional and physical body to release trauma, dis-ease and subconscious blockages. People who have sat with Kambo report a renewed sense of self, a release of anxiety, fear and old patterns only to establish a beautiful connection to their heart space and the world around them.
Bufo, also known as “the God Molecule”, the Colorado River toad or the Sonoran Desert toad, is found in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. Its secretion contains 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenin. This profound, extremely powerful natural psychedelic has the ability to catapult you into self, connecting you to the God within and the infinite wisdom of the universe, journeying into a realm of heart, body and soul.