Past Meetup

Post-CNY celebration


This place is on a side street and can be easily missed if driving too fast. Locals are mostly familiar with this by the fact that it's across the street from Super-A-Food. For those attended Energy, no touch-screen here, but they have song book and somewhat updated of a selection. English, Korean & Japanese selection is limited here, but they have other languages such as Vietnamese & Malay. Happy hour is a bit cheaper here than most places, last I checked $15.

Those who have been acquainted with me prior may call anytime, my number has not changed. When the days get closer, I will provide first-time attenders with info to contact me on the day.

No lunch before this time, but anyone is welcomed to stay for dinner after. I'm trying to eliminate the hassle of cross-checking rooms, so everyone who RSVP'ed please plan to get there on time. Leaving early is an option, but I won't be able to answer the message board after 2 p.m. that day. There is a waiting list, which I will adjust accordingly, but please be sure of no last-minute change. RSVP will stay open till the day before this time, but last-minute cancel on the day will count as no-show. Due to our group policy, I must observe all records of attendance. Thanks!

O, and of course, happy Chinese New Year on this first night. Feel free to send greetings in your comment, not sure if bulletin board accepts Asian characters but more than welcome to try.