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Let's do Rosen Again! [Optional Dinner at Young King]!

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Hey everyone, let’s go to Rosen Music Studio!

This will be a very chill and small meetup and limited to 12 peeps so that we have more chances to sing and get our money's worth

Karaoke will cost between $14 to $18.50 per person for four hours ($25-30 per hour, plus tax). I do not pro-rate on whether you stay all the time or not. We’ll plan on staying at karaoke from 9pm to 1am or less depending on demand, but there is no obligation to stay the whole time. Water (about $2 a bottle), food, and alcohol can be ordered separately at the bar.

This event is open for English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese songs! Although, I must emphasize that 50% or more will be mainly be in English.

I'd like to share the following guide lines :

1.) Please sing the songs you choose.

2.) Please be considerate with songs chosen by others. Let them invite you to sing with them.

3.) Please rotate the remote. One song at each turn. Don't put a song in until you've sung your last song. I really don't want to be the remote monitor.

4.) Please try to make dinner. I like to do this to make friends and get to know people. So you may be moved to the wait list if you can't make dinner.

5.) If you rsvp, and don't show up, I will boot you off the group. When you don't show up , it affects the price that everyone pays.

Prior to karaoke, there will be an optional (but highly recommended) dinner at 7:30PM.


Who: First 12 people to RSVP.

When: January 18th (Friday) @ 9PM (Karaoke) [Optional dinner at 7:30PM



Rosen Music Studio

3488 W 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005
Neighborhood: Koreatown

(213) 387-0467 (


[Dinner at 7:30pm]

Young King

3100 W. Olympic Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90006