"TUNNEL OF TERROR/Gold Mine" on the Etowah

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Price: $35.00
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This trip is water level dependent. If the levels hold between 175 and 300 CFS we will go.

This is NOT a beginner friendly trip. We did this trip July 4th. We had to get out of our boats and pull them over big river wide strainers several times. You must be able to get in and out of your boat and help get it over the strainers. You also will be making some tight and quick turns to avoid strainers and rocks. Even with the strainers and the work the trip is always worth it.


This is a guided trip as opposed to a class. Nothing bigger than a class I rapid on this trip but the strainers can be a challenge. It is not for someone who HAS NEVER PADDLED BEFORE. You should be experienced enough to control your boat and negotiate small rapids and then climb over trees if necessary.

Spray skirts are optional, HELMETS ARE REQUIRED. I will have extra helmets.


If you have your own boat the fee for the trip is $35.00.

If you need to rent a boat, the fee for the trip will be a total of $70.00. If you need a boat, just change the amount of payment from $35.00 to $70.00 when you register and pay. Rental boats will include a paddle, PFD and helmet.

If you haven't paddled through the old Gold Mine tunnel then you are in for a real treat. Normally it is a[masked] minute ride through the tunnel and this may be one of the most exciting thing you do kayaking.

Getting to the tunnel. The tunnel is located 3.5 miles below Castleberry Bridge. When we get to the tunnel the river splits. At this point you have two choices, go through or go around. There is a small ledge just past where the river splits and then it is an easy ¾ mile ride around to where the tunnel rejoins the river.

Details of the tunnel. From your kayak seat you should see a small dot of light which is the other side of the tunnel. If you cannot see this the tunnel may be blocked so I wouldn't advise going through.

The ride is absolutely thrilling. It is bumpy, noisy, dark and wet. Noisy and bumpy from the water and or your kayak bouncing on the rough bottom. As you enter the tunnel it gets darker and darker until all you can see is the dot of light at the end. Your kayak will rock and roll as you go through and take on water if you don't have a skirt. There is a drop-off inside the tunnel and part way through the downhill angle changes and the ride gets a little faster. Your paddle will be useless except for pushing yourself away from the wall.

Just before you exit there is a shaft above that leads straight up to open air.

Somewhere in the middle there is a bow in the tunnel on the right side. You probably won't but if you end up in this bow you will not slow down but the light at the end of the tunnel will disappear for a second or two. These seconds will seem like eternity and your blood pressure will soar. Don't worry. You will be in the water flow and will keep going and the light will re-appear. It just scares the h---out of you so you have been fore-warned.

Bring lunch and water.

If you are going to join me on this trip you will be expected to wear your PFD AT ALL TIMES. If you plan on running the tunnel a Helmet is REQUIRED. Spray skirts are recommended..

This paddle is open to anything you feel comfortable paddling!

We will meet at The Outside World at 8:30 and organize equipment and our shuttle. Parking is EXTREMELY limited by the river,

Questions to John Miller at[masked] or email at [masked]