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Memorial Day Hiwassee River, Reliance, TN, Class 2 paddle trip

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John M. and 2 others
Memorial Day Hiwassee River, Reliance, TN, Class 2 paddle trip


5-19 Update. No more beds for single females. One bed left for a single male, one private bedroom.

This weekend is for both paddlers and NON PADDLERS.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! This trip was sold out but due to last minute cancellations we have a few spots. One bed for a single male, one bed for a single female and a private room for a couple or someone who wants total privacy. If you want to private room just change the payment amount to $700 when you sign up.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read this event description ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE so you'll know what our rules and recommendations are.


We are staying in a cabin that has 6 bedrooms and 5 and 1/2 baths. 2 kitchens, 2 living rooms. Depending on registrations, you may be sharing a room, but NOT A BED. (Unless you are a coupe and request it of course.)

Cost is $350.00 per person for the weekend. That includes a bed for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, breakfast Saturday morning, Dinner Saturday night, Breakfast and Dinner Sunday and breakfast on Monday. I will also have makings for sandwiches for lunch Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So that gets you three nights in the cabin plus 5 meals (and 3 lunches). Trust me, that is cheaper than staying in a local hotel and then driving down the road and eating in one of the local spots, and our food is better!

If we get any rain there is a large covered porch. It really is a nice place to hang out with our tribe.

THIS IS A CLASS II RIVER. PLEASE DO NOT PLAN TO PADDLE A HARD KAYAK IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE PADDLING AT THIS LEVEL. YOU CAN PADDLE A REC BOAT IF YOU PREFER BUT HELMETS AND SPRAY SKIRTS ARE REQUIRED. I have extra helmets. Sit on tops boats are also fine on this river. We do have some non paddlers who plan to take either rubber ducks or rafts down the river. If you have no interest in paddling there is a lot to do in the area. Beautiful hiking and a winery you can check out.


We will be paddling Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Trips will be led by qualified guides.


This is NOT a beginner-friendly trip if you are paddling a kayak. IF you want to rent and paddle a rubber kayak called a duck then it becomes beginner friendly. IF you have some paddling experience then the ducks are suitable for taking children down the river. There are Class 1 and 2+ rapids on the Hiwassee River, so some river kayaking experience is advised for this trip. If you plan to paddle a duck you must call the outfitters and reserve one, if you don't they may not have any available.

(If you are a kayak class grad or intermediate class grad you will be fine.)

The water is cool (around 58 degrees) and usually very clear. The Hiwassee River is dam-controlled, so the level stays about the same year-round. This is a 5+ hour paddle (about a 5.5+ mile paddle downstream). We will be moving slow, playing in the rapids, ferrying and surfing.

  • Life jacket is REQUIRED. Spray skirt, either nylon or neoprene, is REQUIRED. Helmet is REQUIRED. I HAVE HELMETS TO LOAN. Flotation in your boat, either dry hold or float bags, is REQUIRED
  • If you are bringing your own boat, IT MUST HAVE EITHER DRY HOLD OR FLOAT BAGS IN THE BACK. Extra flotation in the front is also a good idea.

We'll find a spot on the river to stop and enjoy our picnic about halfway down the river on a beach or island.

We'll go wading and swimming. It's really a fantastic way to spend a day.

Weather: As with most outdoor events, pouring rain or storms may cause us to delay or reschedule. Keep in mind, a little rain won't stop us, but check your email before you leave home for the trip.

This is NOT an alcohol free event. Adult beverages can enhance the experience!

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I have a limited number of loaner boats suitable for this river. Call of text if you are interested in a loner boat.

John Miller 678-549-4950, :

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