Biggest event in USA! 18th Annual Ohio River Paddlefest **Rentals** Unattended

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~ Ohio Kayaking Club ~
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Hi All!
The nation's largest paddling celebration is back for its 18th year! All are welcome for our 9 mile paddle through downtown Cincinnati/NKY. All proceeds benefit Adventure Crew teens and our commitment to Outdoors for All. Let's get paddling!

Paddlefest is a full week of fun - check out the Paddlefest website ( for more details about all the exciting components of our weekend of celebration.
Just some tips for this weekend's Paddlefest. Registering here does not get you into the Paddlefest. You must register on their website. All details are handled there. Rules and regulations are handled through them. This is their event. This Meetup is about our group joining an awesome outing on the Ohio River.

Be at ease and not in a hurry before and after this event. Allow their volunteers to guide you through the process. Remember they are moving 2000 people and 1500 boats. They do a great job at this giant task. Enjoy the bands, food trucks, vendors, etc once off the water. It may take some time to get back on the highway once over back on dry land. Be patient and enjoy the moment.

If you are camping Friday on site, it also requires registration with Paddlefest, not thru Meetup. Send me a message or post about hanging out at the Friday festivities (bands, food trucks, vendors, adult beverages) campgrounds. Campgrounds are adequate though not spacious and only few yards from Put-In on the river.
Despite all the kayaks, the staff keeps the process organized, safe & simple.

Ohio River Paddlefest on Facebook (

Here's FYI information about an awesome event just 2 hours away.
Need to Rent a Kayak?
Rentals ARE available for this outing Check availability & Reserve while supplies last

2016 Rates: (1) Rentals available for those NEEDING equipment at $15. I'll bring 2nd & proceeds support the group. 1 available - 1st pay Rent a Kayak / Paddle / PFD (

Reminders of safety stuff you already know

* Reminder PFD is needed for this open water outing.
* Return back whenever you like but consider traveling in 1+ groups. The more the merrier usually holds true.

Fun, Chilling & Learning Kayak Videos ...

Craving for a large Kayaking event? This is just what you're wanting to do.
Ohio River Paddlefest Official Site (

Warning: There are inherent and significant elements of risk involved in activities associated with paddle sports including but not limited to kayaks and canoes (referred to herein as “activity”) and the equipment there with.

Acknowledgment of Risks; I realize that changing water flow, water current, wind and weather conditions, submerged objects, the presence of other watercraft, the speed at which I travel, stability characteristics of watercraft, certain foreseen and unforeseen hazards or events that can contribute to the unpredictability of the activity, that certain risks associated with this activity including but not limited to overturning, flipping over, collision and sinking can result in getting wet, minor injuries, major injuries, exposure to the elements, drowning, damage to, or loss of personal property. I further understand that by wearing a US Coast Guard approved personal floatation device is a basic safety precaution, that I might suffer from accidents in remote places where medical attention and/or facilities may not be readily available, and that I should ask about other potential hazards and recommended precautions and procedures. I further understand and realize that participation in the activity whether alone or with a group can result in personal injury, accidents, illness including but not limited to hypothermia, puncture wounds, broken bones, sprains, bruises, cuts and scrapes, insect bites, head injuries, paralysis, dismemberment or death.

Express Assumption of Risk and Responsibility; In recognition of the risks of the activity which I will engage in, I confirm that I am physically and mentally capable of participating in the activity and using the equipment. I participate willingly and voluntarily and I assume full responsibility for damage or to loss of personal property as a result of any accident that may occur.

Release; in consideration of services and/or property provided, I do hereby release the Organizer(s) of CORE and anyone involved with this Meetup group from all liability and waive any claim for damage arising from any cause whatsoever, except that which is a result of gross negligence.

Thank You!