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Humanist Study Group

We are reading the book Forbidden Fruit by Paul Kurtz. The forbidden fruit is the knowledge of good and evil and the book goes into ethics without God. The first part of the book discusses ethics and morality in a general sense and then later gets into specific issues confronting humans and how secular humanists should handle the issues.

We have had so much discussion that we are moving rather slowly through the book. This time we will be discussing chapter 6 and any thing else that the participants want to in regard to the book or humanism in general. Go ahead and come to the meeting even if you have not read the book as you should get something out of the discussion anyway!

This group is devoted to the study of humanism and related topics including the sources of human ethics and morality, how the brain works, anthropology and sociology.

We meet at a private residence in an apartment complex, so do not park in spaces with numbers on then. Best parking, is the parking row near the tennis courts, but any parking space not numbered will work. The apartment is located off of a sidewalk behind the southern tier of buildings.

This is a potluck, so bring some food, snacks or drinks to share!

If you would like to suggest a topic or be put on an email distribution list and from time to time receive resource materials and reminders, send an email request to - PLEASE SPECIFY that you want on the Humanist Study Group list!

Also, note that many participants in this group do not reserve through this Meetup site. We generally have a pretty good group, so do not be dissuaded from attending if only a few have signed up here!