Thrive Up! Document Yourself: A Framework for Career Advancement

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Philly Tech Sistas Presents: Thrive Up! Speaker Series featuring Michelle Brenner

Join us for our Thrive Up! speaker series where we help you develop leadership skills necessary to grow and thrive in your career. Leadership skills are essential to growing and thriving at work. If you are looking for ways to move up in your career by learning essential leadership skills and methodologies this series is for you.

Document Yourself: A Framework for Career Advancement

The goal of this session is to document yourself the way you would document code. You wouldn’t expect someone who wants to use the program you built to read every line of code. Instead, they’re relying on the design documents and doc strings to know how it works. The same is true with your career.

This workshop is about making it easy for you to provide overwhelming evidence of your value to the company. When you can show your ROI, it’s much easier to secure that promotion, raise, or a new job that you deserve. We'll show you the following 3 steps to document yourself into your next promotion.

*Writing your daily accomplishments in the form of success statements.
*Putting them together into a brag sheet.
*And finally using them to create your elevator pitch.

Using this framework makes it easy to make a habit of documenting, the same way a style guide helps you document your code. Once you have documented yourself, you will be amazed at how much you have accomplished. You will walk out of the workshop with the confidence and plan to take your next step.

About Our Speaker

Michelle Brenner (she/her) is a Senior Software Engineer, with 10 years of experience in tech, from engineering support to manager. She runs an interview format tech podcast called From the Source that examines what tech jobs are really like. A Philadelphia native that now calls Los Angeles home, she is an art school graduate and a self-taught engineer. She enjoys making it easier for others to create great things, from artists to entrepreneurs. Michelle works to promote diversity and inclusion in tech through conference speaking and organizing, mentoring, board membership, and making sure everyone knows they belong here.

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