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April Evening - Vagrant, Refactoring and More!

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KC's PHP User Group returns to the Google Fiber Space Lounge

I'm happy to announce that our next evening meeting will be hosted at the Google Fiber Space Lounge! Join us on April 2nd to meet new people, eat some pizza, discuss PHP, and maybe learn something new! Join us for food, friends and plenty of sharing at our evening event.

Group Code Refactoring

This month, Dan will offer up a class and it's accompanying unit test for you to brutally tear apart. John Kary will be leading us in a discussion on what can be improved, what is flat wrong, etc. All are welcome to discuss, critique and learn. This will dove tail with discussion from John Kary on refactoring as well.

Our Meeting Format

We love Web Development, new development techniques and all things PHP. Our meetings are often a little free-formed, but we know evenings are precious so we will shoot for:

6:00pm - Pizza and Socializing

6:15pm - Meet and Greet our members and our sponsors.

6:30pm - Lightning Talks

John Kary - Last Quarter in PHP, highlighting what's new in the PHP world

Eric Poe - Demo of - GitHub's code editor (and Invite Giveaway!)

Dan Holmes - Beginner's guide to vagrant+puphpet to manage development sites

Interested in giving a short presentation? Sign Up (!

7:15pm - Less Code, Less Problems - Pass 1 (John Kary)

John will talk about guidelines and code smells for improving object API design. He will take an existing class submitted by another KCPUG member and demonstrate refactoring it to a leaner more focused version of its previous self. Most importantly, what questions to ask yourself as you're writing new classes.

Pass 1 (of 2) will approach refactoring a class from the outside as opposed to the inside. We will discuss topics like breaking apart bigger classes to make smaller classes that do one thing, programming without getters and setters, consistent entry/return points, and guidelines for object instantiation. This pass focuses less on in-function refactoring and more on API-level refactoring.

A future Pass 2 talk will be given at a later date, where we will focus on refactoring code inside the class.

Code will be available on GitHub.

7:45 pm - 8pm Open group discussion on any development topic, concern or question.

All Developers Welcome!

We understand Web Developers often come from all backgrounds, and many work in more languages than PHP. Whether you're curious or just starting out, dabble in PHP on the weekends, write custom PHP on a daily basis, work in a framework like Symfony, Zend Framework, Silex, Slim, FuelPHP, CakePHP or customize CMS products like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla; our goal is that you will find something new, useful and thought provoking.

Interested in giving a presentation to the group, or demoing something new and cool you're working on? Contact one of the organizers through Meetup or talk after a monthly meeting and get signed up!