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Kansas City, MO

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May 29, 2012


PHP enthusiast and application developer

Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm a PHP Developer for Transparent Solutions in the suburbs of Kansas City. I'm also a dad, husband, optimist and recovering perfectionist. I've been writing some kind of software since I was a kid and "Color" screens were a luxury. I spent a little time away from development as a manager and an IT Solutions Architect, but I ended up coding in both. :-)

How / when did you start using PHP

I started using PHP back before we even had classes--back when built in sessions were new! I like to think that I have grown along with the language and it's community over the years.

What do you love about working with PHP

PHP always gets the job done. As the language has matured over the years, the massive number of frameworks and libraries continues to grow and grow. Whether you need to do Aspect-style, MVC, Event-Driven, use a micro-framework--heck, the other day I saw a node.php--PHP has what I need. If you need to get it done, and with a ridiculously small team, PHP delivers.

How do you want to improve your skills

I literally grew up with procedural programming (obviously), but my heart loves OO. I've been writing OO for many years now, but I still can't claim I'm a master. I certainly want to be better at writing tests, and developing in ways that is better for writing tests. I'm always looking for the "best practice" approach, but I also want to slim down my style--delivering software that I'm still happy to work with in 5 years, but cheaper and easier than ever before.