John K.John K.

John K.



Kansas City, MO

Joined group

May 30, 2012


Web application developer mostly using PHP, Symfony and JavaScript

Tell us a bit about yourself

I like solving problems with code and helping developers be even better developers.

How / when did you start using PHP

About 2004. I dabbled with it starting in 2000 with basic things like text manipulation, but around 2004 a friend was using it with some rapid development frameworks to scaffold a bunch of code for his client's CRUD applications. I built a few custom content management systems in my early days (who hasn't?) and eventually worked up into more customized applications.

What do you love about working with PHP

The amount of well-written open-source libraries that have sprung up since GitHub became a thing. The movement towards code quality that has taken hold in the PHP community is great to see from a language that is traditionally considered "anything goes."

How do you want to improve your skills

I enjoy presenting on topics I've learned about and being involved with the group gives me a reason to dive a bit deeper on the new stuff I learn so I can teach it to others, which hopefully inspires them to be even better developers.