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Hello Integral New York, Gilles here, your iNY salon leader. Unlike previous times, I would like to make this invitation to our next iSalon very personal. I am inviting YOU. I am inviting you to talk about WE, about US, about our community and about the leadership that we provide. I am inviting you to talk about who we are as a community and who we want to become … as a community.
We have discussed the subtleties of the we-space (with Thomas Hübl, Patricia Albere, Charles Eisenstein, and others). We are fascinated by it, full of hopes and packed with ambitions. The we-space is our new spiritual Wild West … it promises gold to the pioneers who have the courage to venture into this uncharted and lawless territory. But investigating the we-space can also be challenging, if not risky. If we use all the things we have learned, how can we transform our space, US, Integral New York, and our lives?
So this time, let’s make it personal and real. Tonight is about US, about me, about you, and about iNY at large. Who are WE? Who would WE like to be, become, embody, radiate, represent … you name it? Tonight is about what we are ready to commit to. Bring your intelligence, your love, your courage, and your sense of humor.

Join us on Monday August 20th, 7-9pm, at One Spirit Learning Alliance.