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What we’re about

Monthly astrology meetups, every second Wednesday at The Bubble Tea Factory!

We're a growing group of astrologers, both students and professionals. Together, we'll explore different branches of astrology and learn about how you can apply it to your life—both practically and spiritually. Beginners welcome!

Here's some of what we have lined up:

  • How to interpret your natal chart from start to finish
  • Learning to work with eclipses in predictive astrology
  • How to interpret a solar return chart with annual profections
  • Exploring career and vocational paths with your natal chart
  • The best way to meditate, as told by your natal chart
  • Astrology book club—a quarterly meetup to help you build your library!

We plan to start hosting formal classes and workshops soon, so sign up and keep an eye on upcoming events!

Currently, we only meet in person, but plan to expand to virtual meetups in the near future.