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What we’re about

Hard pressed to find adventurous, active people to do stuff with? 

All ACTIVE and ENGAGED Adventurers Welcome!    

Meet with people who like adventures - getting thrills through adventurous sports like climbing, hiking, kayaking, camping, canoeing, adventure racing, running, etc.  In addition, this group will serve as a social group for outdoors folks who want to be around fit, active, like-minded people.

Activities can include but are not limited bike rides, board games, cookouts, camping, races, philosophical discussions, hikes, meditation, and winter sports.

This year the KMAG celebrates it's 12th year of doing Meetups.   Over the years we have had in excess of 800 members and have completed over 1000  successful Meetups.  Do you want to come out and be part of the fun and help us celebrate our 12th YEAR!!!!????? 

Not sure if you are a fit or if we are a fit for you?   


I do ask questions to make sure you are a fit for us.   We are seeking ACTIVE people who want to BE ACTIVE in the out of doors.   You will make the best friends of your life and have some great experiences.   If that sounds like what you are looking for please apply.   

If you decide yes,  know that I read your answers to the questions looking for a fit for our group.      

Here's my criteria to help you be successful in your joining to the KMAG! 

• If you do not have a picture of yourself on the Meetup (Instead you have a dog or flower) I will not join you.  Why?   We meet people in dark parking lots at night.  If you cannot show your face that makes me nervous.   A) who are you really?   B) how do we know you when we see you?  RIGHT??  SO use a face pic please.   I take safety seriously.     So if you are not willing to show your face....well Best wishes to you but no thanks.   Best of luck and Godspeed. 

•    If you belong to 50 bizillion Meetups I won't join you.  I am looking for ACTIVE members.    That means you have to have some time to play with us.   And nobody except retired people can be active in more than 5 meetups reasonably.   If you really want to be active in our group then dump the ones you are currently blowing off and join us!!!!  :)     

If you apply and have your other Meetups blocked I will not join you.   See above.  I am concerned about safety and not willing to meet someone in the woods who is hiding things. We are honest and open and happy trusting people looking to make friends.   Alternatively,   If you are paranoid about other people seeing your activities you are not a fit for our group and should probably look elsewhere.   Don't expect people to meet you in the woods if you are keeping secrets.    Come ON!!!!  :)  SO fix that before you apply. 

You have to write complete answers to the questions and demonstrate you are actually really engaged and a fit for our group.     If you write one word answers, skip answers, or write in broken English/sentence fragments I will not join you.  Why?  If you don't have the time to communicate effectively we are not a fit for you.   We want people that are interested in coming out, getting active and making memories.    Again, no time for tire kickers.    If you are too busy to tell us about yourself we are too busy to join you.  :) 

 Recently I have taken measures to actively keep this group small due to recent changes at Meetup.     In the ten years I have run this group the price to run the Meetup has doubled.    They are now charging per person.   So please only apply for membership if you have strong intentions of signing up for an event and being active with us. 

If you want to be active and make best freinds come on out to the Southern Kettle Moraine;  this is the group for you!  If not, God Bless and have a wonderful day!   

See you on the Trail!