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The Castle at the Edge of the World - Pathfinder at Bob's

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The mental wall separating Kyne from his memories has begun to crumble. His memories have begun to come back in fragments. In a fugue state he was attracted to some Ossirian ruins that seem out of place on this island. They are very similar to the ones where Kyne and Brennen met. Remembering repressed memories must work very differently for elves because Kyne's skeleton glowed so brightly it was visible through his flesh. A group of Elves of the Mordant spire arrived. They knew Kyne and addressed him formally in elvish. The grey elves have arrived to claim several potent Azlanti artifacts that they claim belong to them. The party disagrees, but worked out a deal to to avoid bloodshed. The elves have taken the party's proposal back to the Elder counsel of the Mordant spire leaving an Elf named Diadalda with then. Although she understands common she refuses to speak it, and she has kept an aloof distance from the party. Acting only on Kyne's requests.

The party gather their crew and intend to stash them in Azlanti library where they will be safe and have sustenance thanks to a Genie named Illyra who is magically bound to serve Library patrons. On the return to the library they discover the remainder of the cult or Nurugal attempting to get into the tower where the library is housed. They all seem very nervous as darkness approaches. Suddenly a flock of faceless gargoyle like creatures swoop down attempting to carry off the straggling elderly and children. Brennan conjures a hurricane to slam them down to earth. Unable to fly the foul smelling things are slaughtered by the party.

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