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The Castle at the Edge of the World - Pathfinder at Bob's

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The party is back together, at least temporarily. As the silence zone wears off the party does their best to clean up after the Mordant Spire Elf attack. Some meditate through "art", some sleep off their rage, and some play elf skeet-shoot. When Aether doesn't return, the PC's suspect something has gone wrong. They travel to her plane to find it warped by chaos and in a war with the legions of Law. Aether has been here for 14 years (time paradox) and stuck in a stalemate. Her forces of stuffed animals, leprechauns and candy monsters are barely holding back the clockwerk armies of law invading her land. The rest of the party arrives in time to give a final push to Law's portal and they close it once and for all.

In those events, though, we start to see more of Kyne. His body seems a vessel (or prison) for another powerful being and the party wonders what they have gotten themselves involved with. His time as a statue didn't seem to even him out!

Gaius seems to be having some family problems as well as a new interest in modern art - another issue the party will have to deal with.

The party returns to their ships as Aether stays behind to close down her (first) failed attempt at paradise. She'll join up with the rest of the party on their voyage to Thorac's homeland - he helped defend her world, she will help him defend his - she owes him that.

RIP: Sargent McStuffins, LEP-Recon, Chaos bittle armor, Cohort Raelis...more tbd

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