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The Castle at the Edge of the World - Pathfinder at Bob's

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Halfway through the Castle of the Cloud Giants, the PC's find themselves faced with overwhelming odds. Nearly depleted of magical resources, the party is backed up to a hallway that leads back the way they came - in front of them are 5 squads of giants and trolls blasting down barriers and casting deadly spells.

Mihtsu, the cloud dragon, flies overhead keeping the harpy monks at bay and occasionally letting loose with his breath weapon on the squads in the courtyard.

The party is beaten and has come back from the brink through powerful healing magics but the waves of giants seem unstoppable. This is only half of the force they are to face also.

Will the party retreat? Will they face off against the storm of giants and prevail, will they become food or gladiators for the giant's entertainment or is this the end of our PC's as we know it?

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