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The Castle at the Edge of the World - Pathfinder at Bob's

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The Mordant Spire Elves have turned into temporary allies in the face of the Div Demon Fortress plane-shifted onto Golarion. Somehow, the party convinces the Spire Elves to let them go on a recon mission to the Floating Castle to retrieve powerful artifacts while the Spire Elves suicide attack it.

The Party succeeds, mainly through Ksylino's teleports and scrying. Their guerrilla tactics net them the book and bottle needed to recapture the 666 demons in the castle...but "Other" is still in there and will also need to be dealt with.

Roni returns (now Ron?), and a new member joins replacing the lost Kyne. She's a female ranger who doesn't talk a lot.

The party now is fleeing the massive demons chasing their airship. The party is trying to decide if using the planar rifts to escape is the best option or if a tactical fighting retreat is best for the multiverse. Only Brennan and Aether seemed concerned about "jiggling the handle of the multiverse." The rest just want to escape and regroup.

The party's excursion to Absalom netted some important information and almost got Ron killed again.

Oh, and Ron died again, not in Absalom, but fighting demons. When facing off against an aspect of a demon lord...don't roll a "1" on your saving throws. We'll miss you Ron, we can't wait to meet Ro.