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Training together for kettlebell athletes, coaches and enthusiasts.

Kettlebell training builds strength, flexibility, stamina and endurance via short workouts over a short time. It requires minimal space and equipment and can be done anywhere.

Kettlebell training is similar to marital arts in that when mastered over time it also fosters discipline, confidence, mindfulness, integrity, focus and mental toughness.

Hardstyle is a style of kettlebell training that aims at creating General Physical Preparedness, strength and conditioning for life and sport. Hardstyle is known for short sharp workouts using relatively low reps, high power and moderate to heavy kettlebells. It uses traditional shape kettlebells.

Kettlebell Sport (Girevoy) is an outlet for the fitness gained through training, and is an exercise in concentration, technique and strategy. Dubbed a 'Marathon with Weights', Girevoy is a 10 minute event that involves high reps, employs a complex tension/relaxation technique and uses moderate to light competition style kettlebells *

* Naturally 'light' is a relative term, as many Girevoy athletes use double 24 kg and double 32 kg kettlebells for their events, which are actually considered light for them.

At Kettlebell Dojo we use both styles depending on the goals of our training.


Q: Do I need to bring my own kettlebells?

A: Yes. If we are training at a park, bring your own bells, if we happen to be at the Studio, the host will provide the bells.

Q: I haven't yet got any kettlebells at home. Can I still come to meetups?

A: if you are a kettlebell novice, you would be better served by first completing a course of Kettlebell Foundations. Most, if not all, dojo workouts, assume a form grasp of the 6 kettlebell fundamental movements: One Arm Swing, Turkish Getup, Clean, Press, Squat and Snatch. Kettlebell Academy of New Zealand runs continuous induction courses all year round.

Q: I want to buy some kettlebells but don't know which ones are best.

A: First you need to decide whether you are training Hardstyle or Girevoy Sport. Those two disciplines are quite different and use different types of kettlebells, training principles and techniques.

Generally if you're planning to participate in Girevoy training at all, it's best to buy competition kettlebells. If you aren't, and you're a short person get traditional bells. If you are tall, you can choose whichever you like.
* When you buy your bells from Equipfit, use the promo code KBA to get 10% discount on all your kettlebell orders.

Q: What weight to bring?

A: It is best to bring two kettlebells, one for warm up and one for the workout. If you're using doubles, then you'll use one of them for a warm up. The specifics are indicated in individual Meetup details. One is for warm up and learning technique.

As a rule of thumb, here are the weight recommendations.

Beginner Women: 8kg and 12 kg, Beginner Men: 12kg and 16 kg

Intermediate Women: 12kg and 16kg, Intermediate Men: 16kg and 24kg

Advanced Women: 12-16kg and 20-24kg,
Advanced Men: 24kg and 32kg

Q: Can I still come if I'm a novice to kettlebell training?

A: Yes. For your safety however, it is recommended that you complete a Kettlebell Foundations Course prior to attending the dojo or concurrently. More info on that is at

Q: Can I come if I have an injury?

A: No. For your safety, if you have an acute injury and/or no clearance from a physio, you will not be able to participate in class.

Q. Can I participate if I have movement restrictions?

A. Yes. You will be recommended alternative exercises. Note that if you are a novice AND you have restrictions, you will be performing very basic exercises, many of them could be without a kettlebell.

Q: Can I bring children?

A: Yes, children 7-15 years old are welcome to participate with their parent/guardian.

Safety: the child is a full responsibility of their guardian. If the child is not participating or is having trouble paying attention / heeding instruction, they must stay outside of the area where kettlebells are used.

Q: I am a complete novice to exercise Can I participate?

A: this meetup is geared towards an intermediate level kettlebell enthusiast. While the exercises we'll be scaled for all levels of kettlebell competency, novice to exercise is not a level. The instruction provided will be insufficient for a novice. Complete novices to exercise will risk injury doing this class, therefore it's not recommended for novices.

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